Countdown audio for Classroom Management

I’ve been experimenting with recordings to help with classroom transitions. Maybe the most important transition is regaining learners’ attention after some interesting group work. This audio gives them a countdown, provides some time–finish up, get to their seats, clean up–and signifies that it’s time for the next task.

Leave a comment if try this and you find it works. Sometimes it’s a matter of routine. Students might need to hear the audio a few times before really getting the process.

8 thoughts on “Countdown audio for Classroom Management”

  1. My students just LOVE it. A smile comes into their faces when they hear it. It’s genius. THANK YOU very much for sharing it. That’s so big of you.

  2. Love this–exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to incorporate this into my students’ daily work rubric–“timely transition.”

    I appreciate you sharing!

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