The Kitten Story


My father, Mac McCaughey, will tell a tale from when he was very small – far younger than he is in this photo to the right, which was probably snapped around 1953.

Step 1

Key words to learn before listening: covers, furry, snuggle, stray.

Taking into account the four words above, what do you think this story will be about?

Step 2

15 words have been removed from the written text. Listen and write them.

The Kitten

Okay. When I was (1) __________ probably – and up till I was about twelve years old, I (2) __________ take a cat – any cat – to bed with me because they were nice and warm and (3) __________. And… I (4) __________ that when I was about twelve when I got a (5) __________ cat and got ringworms all over my (6) __________.

But earlier, when I was probably five, six, seven, I had a – one of (7) __________ pet cats in bed with me, and (8) __________ night long it (9) __________ going down to the (10) __________ of the bed, and I kept (11) __________ down and bringing it back up to (12) __________ with. And when I (13) __________ in the morning and (14) __________ the (15) __________ back there was a baby kitten at the foot of the bed, so…

Key: (1) young (2) used to (3) furry (4) quit (5) stray (6) chest, (7) our (8) all (9) kept (10) foot (11) reaching, (12) snuggle (13) woke up (14) turned (15) covers

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