You know them as Phrasal Verbs.  I call them Party Verbs because it is the gathering of two or more words, and some of those words are “party-cles.”

For a limited time, “Do You Wanna Eat Out or Do You Wanna Eat In?” is available for download.  It’s one of 20 songs that will appear later in the year on my CD “Kevin Sings Phrasal Verb Hits.”  Do_You_Wanna_Eat_Out.

Here is a PowerPoint Game that practices Party Verbs:  Kevin’s_Particle_Verb_Game_short version for webinar

Here is the Guide to Varied Phrasal Verb Activities: Guide to Varied Phrasal Verb Activities_Webinar 2012.  One of the tasks in the “Guide to Varied Phrasal Verb Activities is “The Neighbor’s Dog.”  It’s an authentic, unscripted listening task based on this short audio: The Neighbor’s Dog

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